Academic Tutoring 

Our individualized instruction is aligned to support your child’s academic needs.  By partnering with parents and  teachers, we reinforce and extend learning by developing a prescriptive one-on-one tutoring program.  We also believe the cornerstone to excellent teaching is providing interactive and real-life application to instruction.  We do not subscribe to a workbook-driven curriculum, like most tutoring companies.  Instead, we favor a “student centered” approach to learning, by taking your child from “what they know” and advancing them through an accelerated approach to learning. In doing so, they are more motivated to learn and retain new information.

We support teaching to “all” learners and to your child’s interests and strengths. Our instructors are all experts in their fields and have a history in motivating students to learn.

Subjects (K-12):

Reading Comprehension
Reading Fluency (Speed and Accuracy)
Social Studies / History


Study Skills

Our experienced staff has background in working with a wide range of learners, including learners with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, learning disabilities, as well as talented and gifted. We are eager to teach to all student abilities and needs.

Boosting Student Abilities to:

Increase Independent Problem Solving Skills

Follow Through on Tasks
Develop Organizing Skills
Develop Planning Skills
Become Self-Motived
Control Emotions
Resist Impulses
Stay Focused

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