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Thompson Tutoring conducts an ICHAT background check on each of our instructors.  Our families appreciate that our business puts trust and safety first, by offering instructors who have had full background checks.  (Scroll down to see our instructors!)


Corey Thompson
CEO, CFO, Executive Director of Thompson Tutoring
Music Education, B.M.
Dawn Thompson
Human Resources Director, Student Placement,
Marketing Director of Thompson Tutoring
Education, B.S. Educational Leadership, M.A.   

Music Therapist

Edge Water Music Therapist (MT-BC) 
of Thompson Tutoring
Music Therapy, B.A., M.A.
Ian Kells
Edge Water Music Therapy Director, Client Scheduling,
Outreach Coordinator, Music Therapist and Music Instructor
of Thompson Tutoring

Academic & Music Instructors

Stephanie Baird

Willis Bouwman

Samantha Cooper

Ronald Cung

Ashley Hall

Ian Kells

Carolyn Osterhouse

Joel Pixley-Fink

Daniel Reeves

Linda Richter

Jeffrey Rowe

Graeme Shields

Desiree Taylor

Mark Thompson

Mary Thompson

Jessica Wallace

Hollis Wittman

Heather Yates

Bennett Young