Spanish Tutoring

Our Spanish instruction is provided by a native speaking Spanish instructor, who is a native of Puerto Rico.

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT: Classroom teachers frequently express the need to have services outside of the school for students who are challenged or would like acceleration. There is a need to have tutoring instruction outside of the classroom aligned with the school’s curriculum. Our instruction is aligned to classroom instruction. Unlike other tutoring providers, we do not subscribe to teaching a separate curriculum using workbooks.

The Michigan Merit Curriculum requires all students to complete two credits of a world language other than English prior to graduation, or demonstrate a two-year equivalent proficiency.

Our Spanish instruction is also provided to preschool children and adults who seek to become proficient in Spanish.  All ages!

ESL Instruction

Our ESL instruction helps children and adults develop proficiency in the English language.  Our instructors use a student-centered approach to best practices for meeting the needs of English language learners.  We use hands-on learning in the environments of everyday life situations to make the learning come alive!  This makes our curriculum rigorous and relevant, in order to meet the language needs encountered within our English speaking culture.   All ages!

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